• Une compo pour Yaëlle (2012 ) Un petit j'm svp




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  • On clique sur play et un petit like sur mon soundcloud :)

    Merci <3


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  • A day will come
    When suffering will appear
    As a bad memory
    And we’ll be freed
    From all fears.

    That day will come
    When our discussions
    Will turn around love,
    Peace and freedom.

    That day will come …

    We’ll be kings (3)
    Of that war
    We will win everything
    As we fight, we’ll see the light

    A day will come
    When every human being
    Will be something
    Whatever he is,
    Whatever he brings.

    That day will come
    No more worries
    Only old memories
    Past would have gone …

    We’ll be Kings (3)
    We’ll go far
    We’ll find the sunshine
    We’ll bright, we’ll all right …

    εїз αηy εїз  © 2012

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